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Let’s face it. When your customers read English text created by your company, they expect professionalism before they offer up their hard earned cash. If your products exhibit poor grammar, misspelled words, or poor word-flow, there is a good chance your potential customers will look elsewhere. Why? Whether you like it or not, many customers judge the competency of your company based on how well you use the English language.

Another reason your customers might not want to give you a chance, if your English is poor, is because they have grown skeptical. Your customers are bombarded daily with scams and one of the main ways to identify a scam is that the scammer usually has poor English skills. So if your English text is not perfect, your potential customers might suspect your company of fraud.

If English is not your native language, it is very difficult to provide your potential customers with perfect English. There are so many nuances with the English language. There are rules, exceptions to rules, and exceptions to the exceptions! That’s what we are here for. We can help you make your products shine with professional English. We can proofread and improve your English text in the following applications:

Alibaba/Amazon/Ebay Listings
And much more…

When we proofread your text, we focus on the following things:
Sentence Structure
Content Flow
Verb Tense